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     You and your group of private investigators travel the country to solve mysterious killings and disappearances. It has come to the attention of your team that many girls, around the same age, have gone missing from a region of Northwest Indiana. Your investigation leads you to an abandon house that has become suspicious. People seem to enter and are never seen coming out. People suspect the house may be haunted, but police assume there may be other things at play. You will assist the police by trying to locate the missing girls and possibly get some clues about the culprit. Could it be paranormal? Could it involve witchcraft? Or is it a serial killer on the loose?

     Your team is determined to help solve the mystery in hopes to prevent another girl from disappearing and never being seen again.

     Time is of the essence you have an hour before the next girl is lost forever.


The Mad Lab
Dr. Lemon is the leading scientist in genetic mutations. It's amazing what her mind comes up with and all she has accomplished over the years. Her ideas and creatures are amazing and sometime a bit disturbing. This ability could be used for good such as curing deadly diseases or for evil like genetically engineered super soldiers. Unfortunately she is not willing to share the glory or any of her secrets.
After finding her uncompromising, leaving you craving the money and the power, you decide you to steal her research. Unfortunately you and your friends, upon entering the lab, had the bad luck of tripping the security measures she has installed. It is on lock down and you are in a scramble to escape before she arrives for work and you are caught. Not wanting to become the next experiment you must find a way out.
Game is for up to 8 players


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