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Release the Cure

For years Greedee Pharmaceuticals has surpassed your company, Tabsule Laboratories, in research and development for cancer treatments. It has been confirmed that Greedee has developed a cure and are keeping it from the public. Tabsule Laboratories got into this business to help people and are sick of seeing Greedee keep their secrets to make millions at the expense of the infected patients. You and your team hatched a plan then and there to get hired in at Greedee, copy the formula, steal a vial of the drug (Genonda Piconate), and escape without being caught. It’s an extremely risky plan but totally worth it. Once you have the drug it can be mass produced and distributed to cure this terrible disease.


Greedee usually only leaves trainees unsupervised for 60 minutes at a time. That is your window to go through with the plan. Good luck!


Game is for up to 8 players


 Shipwrecked and stranded on a tropical island you have made the best of your situation. After many years you have learned to read and predict weather patterns. It has become clear minutes to you and your shipmates that a storm is brewing across the ocean and seems to be heading your way. It would be the worst storm that you have ever encountered over the years and the results could be catastrophic. Unsure what the waves will do to your small island and its inhabitants, you are frantic to get help.

You must try, one last time, to put together an old transmitter that washed ashore with you. The way the storm is looking and the speed it is picking up it seems you have only an hour before it hits and all is lost.


Game is for up to 6 players

Catch a Killer

Local law enforcement was called to a vicious homicide. The crime occurred in a rundown motel often used as a flophouse. The victim was a local waitress, known as Mickey. Her murder resembles a string of statewide homicides with similar M.O.’s. The murder weapon was never recovered. In previous cases the next victim is usually abducted within 24 hours of a body being found. The local authorities removed the body and canvased the scene, room 13. The crime scene was breached overnight assumedly by the subject. The room has been tossed in what appears to be an effort to cover up evidence. Time is running out before the next victim is to be abducted. You have been flown in to assist the local authorities in developing a profile, identifying the next victim, and finding the weapon.


Game is for up to 8 players

It is the late 1930's and you have been arrested for a local robbery. Your crimes have been linked to a local jailbreak from years prior. For these crimes and the many others committed, you have been sentenced to death. While the sheriff is on lunch you have one last chance to make a break for it. In just one hour you will be transferred to the state penitentiary to await your execution. Good luck! 
You will jump back in time and look to unlock the key to escape. Perfect for a group of friends or family to learn to work together.
Game is for up to 8 players


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